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Candela- why it is a preferred choice for laser hair removal

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Candela is a medical laser used for hair removal on all skin types. It is developed by the Candela Laser Corporation, an American laser company that develops and sells medical lasers. It has begun to extend the technology to treat a wider range of cosmetic conditions as acne, acne scars and minor wrinkles.

This article covers the top reasons that make Candela laser priority for healthcare professionals.

Quality Technology: It has been synonymous for quality. You get the best results. The inventors of the technology introduced the Gentle YAG technology in the 90’s and till today, they use the same technology in a new laser equipment they sell today.

Safe: It has a 1064nm wavelength which is why it is considered effective by all medical professionals. It effectively removes unwanted hair from all skin types. With this wavelength, the laser reaches the precise depth and kills hair follicles under the skin. It is even suitable for use for dark skinned people.

Comfortable: Earlier, laser hair removal procedure was uncomfortable. Now with Candela the treatment has become comfortable and safe. It has created a Dynamic cooling device which uses a coolant known as Cyrogen. The coolant releases cold air into the skin before and after the procedure. The method has indeed taken away the stigma of pain that was associated with laser hair removal.

Different spot sizes: It offers several different spot sizes that can help treat different areas. These help the medical practitioner to treat areas like back, legs and neck and even bikini areas.

Candela is no doubt the best way to get rid of your unwanted hair growth. The wavelength, DCD technology and different spot sizes give you desired results. It is why they are the preferred brand for skin care professionals. It is the reason it has gained popularity in a few years.

So if you are considering laser treatment, opt for Candela. Ensure the clinic you choose uses this medical laser for performing the procedure. It is the best and safest method of removing unwanted hair from your body, even from the sensitive areas. Ask your doctor in detail about the treatment. You must be aware of all the precautions and risks involved in this process. Do not hesitate. The more you talk openly to the consultant, the more knowledge you can gain.

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