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Come back in shape with Liposuction and Ultrasonic Slimming

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Fitness is the mantra to lead in today’s world. Diet, Gym and even steroids what not we do to have a perfect body but then also few portions of our body seems just out of proportion making us feel self conscious. But with the technological advancements in cosmetic industry; re-shaping your body has become quiet easy and cheap.

Today they are ample of surgical and non surgical treatments available in the market that can make you slim and fit. The most common out of it is Liposuction.

What is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery operation through which fat can be removed permanently from different sites on the human body. Liposuction is designed both for men and women to reduce the number of fat cells within the areas in the body where fat cells are deposited in greater number including abdomen, saddle bags, thighs, back, calves, buttocks, chin and knees to bring the body back into perfect shape. But it is not a way to reduce overall weight. It only changes the shape of your body.

Treatment: During the treatment small incisions are made in the skin to insert a small metal rod which is used to numb the area and constrict blood vessels allowing fat cells to be removed through a suction tube.

Laser Liposuction

In Laser Liposuction a laser is used to melt the fat in the target area, making it easier to remove. This laser is administered through a fibre threaded through a microcannula.

Non- surgical fat reduction

This includes Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation also popularly known as Ultrasonic Slimming. It is a method of fat removal from the areas of the body such as stomach, flanks, thighs, neck, back, male chest and buttocks using ultrasound frequencies. With this technology; the fat cells in the body are broken down and are moved out of the body through the body’s metabolic system.

Latest in this is UltraSculpt System that uses Med Contour non-invasive body contouring solution by utilizing biocavitation ultrasound and radiofrequency technology which breaks down unwanted fat deposits and cellulite giving you a slimmer body.

With so many options in the market; now can easily select the one and get the treatment done. Moreover with cosmetic industry growing with leap and bounds there are many new Skin Treatment Clinics in Australia that offer Body Contouring at reasonable prices.

Look for a reliable Skin Treatment clinic in Sydney and collect all the information about it including its specialist, treatments, and packages they offer. But prior to make selection make sure you visit them personally. Meet their specialist and clear all your doubts. Talking to him will help you make up your mind better that which treatment you want to opt for.

You can also have a word with those who have undergone Liposuction or Non surgical fat reduction to have a better picture.

Laser Liposuction Sydney

While in Australia you can opt for La Sante Medi Spa; a medical skin care clinic and day spa. It offers the latest advancements in cosmetic and laser procedures which are administered under the supervision of a licensed healthcare professional, Dr Adel Soliman.


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