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Dermal Fillers

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As we age we lose substances which occur naturally in our body such as collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid which support the skin’s structure and volume. This ageing process is accelerated with exposure to environmental and social factors such as the sun’s UV rays, smoking, gravity, diet and stress

Dr Soliman is known for his ability to reverse the signs of aging using a variety of injectable agents and natural fillers. Often called an “injectables artist,” he will select for you the best pallate of natural agents to put back what nature has taken away.

Dermal fillers are used to fill wrinkles and folds or to maintain volume in the face or to support the skin underneath dynamic lines.

There are different brands of dermal fillers. At La Sante, we have used all brands that are approved in Australia. We have the option of using products that last for 8 months, 1 year, 2 years and permanent fillers.


Basically, we inject the gel filler into the wrinkle / fold and this greatly improves the appearance, Typical examples are the nasolabial folds (lines from nose to the corners of the mouth) , the marionette lines (lines from the mouth corners downward towards the chin)


Volume loss occurs from the 30s onwards, relentlessly. Volumising the face, by injecting the cheeks, jaw and jawline and chin can make a natural but dramatic improvement in the age appearance of a patient.


Dynamic lines are those that occur when our face is moving e.g the lines on the cheek that occur when we smile. It is important to support the skin underneath these lines to improve their appearance and to prevent them from getting worse.


Lip augmentation is important on the ageing face of almost everyone. It only needs to be a very small amount of product in many people, but it makes such a difference to their age appearance. We are not talking about making lips big, just YOUTHFUL. Lip augmentation is also important for those who have genetically underdeveloped lips. This can make a big difference to how beautiful they appear.


This is important for the aging face, for those who have a genetically underdeveloped chin, and for those who are getting problems with the appearance of their neck. As we age the fat, muscle, and bone is dissolving, so it is important to replace what is being lost. The chin is a very important structural feature of the face and an under-treated area.


For those with Volume loss, or an underdeveloped cheek area, injecting the cheeks can be a very satisfying procedure, as it can make them appear younger and more attractive. Like the chin, the cheeks are a very important structural feature of the face, and the treatment of it can have a huge impact on the patient’s age appearance.


This procedure has a huge impact on the appearance and a very high satisfaction rate


It is such a simple treatment, with a low cost, low risk, no downtime and immediate and excellent results. These factors make this an extremely satisfying procedure


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