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Double Chin- Cause and Treatment

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A double chin is the accumulation of subcutaneous fat around the neck giving it a chubby appearance. The skin around the neck sags down and creates a wrinkle making it look like a second chin. It is most common in elderly or obese people. Even a person with an average weight can have a double chin as it primarily depends upon bone structure, amount of loose skin and even amount of fat cells in that region.

Double chin can be reduced by various face and jawline exercises, but today with technological advancements in the cosmetic surgery arena, many new methods have come up that can drastically reduce the appearance of double chin. To reduce the double chin plastic surgeons can remove the fat pad under the chin and then shorten the muscles under the jaw. Treatments are usually painless and are priced moderately.

There are two treatments used for reducing double chin

  •   Liposculpture
  •   Mesotherapy

Liposculpture is a procedure where fat is removed from under the chin and neck, to reduce the size of this particular area. People who are obese and aged can use this method to add definition to their face and chin. To remove the extra fat, a small cut inside of your mouth is made. In this method, there is no scarring at all. This procedure can cause swelling and bruising that goes with time.

Mesotherapy: It is a quick and easy method to get rid of double chin. This technique involves injecting fat dissolving solution to the area. You can get back to your work even after the treatment. No hospitalization is required for the treatment.

Consult a licensed plastic surgeon for any procedure. He will take a look at your face and then suggest you with the right option for you. The surgeon will also assess your health conditions before the carrying the treatment. The price of both the procedures varies as per many factors.

When in Sydney, you can consult Hills Medi Spa for cosmetic solutions. They are working in this area from many years and has created a niche for themselves. They are staffed with renowned plastic surgeons that give personal attention to each of their patients to yield best results.


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