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Double Chin Reduction-Surgery Options

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A double chin is the accumulation of fat located directly underneath the chin giving it a chubby appearance. A surgery is the fastest way to get rid of it. Before planning for the surgery, you must consult a doctor and ask him about the different surgical options available and which one is good for you. Before the surgery, there are lots of things you need to consider including the budget, health condition and your skin condition.

Here are the few surgical options you can choose from:

Chin Augmentation

This method is used for those having weak chins. This procedure helps in strengthening the skin that prevents sagging. The procedure involves putting of silicone implants in the area. It is also known as chin lift and is beneficial for those starting to loose their skin’s elasticity.


This is the most common procedure performed for getting rid of double chin. The procedure involves small incisions through which the cannula, a surgical device about 2mm in diameter, is inserted. The procedure eradicates fat around the area of the chin, giving it a slender and sleek look. You may experience swelling that heals after a few days. To protect the area, you have to wear a chin strap to support and cover it.

Laser Surgery

This is the most expensive among all the procedures. The procedure involves the use of anesthesia, but you won’t have to undergo slices as the laser takes care of melting the fat and tightening of your skin.

For the best results, eat healthy and take care of yourself. Take all the precautions the doctor has told you to. If you feel any side effects after the surgery, meet the doctor immediately. Bruising and swelling are common. Usually doctors recommend you medicines to subside them. Just remember one thing, double chin surgery is your last resort. You should go for it when no other natural method works.


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