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Intimate Rejuvenation (external)

Brighten and Tighten At La Sante Medispa, we offer an exclusive treatment to women who are looking to lighten their external intimate area. The treatment, which bleaches the external layer of the skin surrounding the vagina, targets pigmentation as a result of childbirth, hormonal changes, laser hair removal treatments or menopause.

Natural ageing, bacterial infections, genetics, hormonal changes, or even childbirth can be the cause of discoloured vaginal and anal skin tissue.

The most common factor for the colour to change in this area is hormonal changes in the body. Our hormones start changing as soon as we hit puberty and do not stop changing until later on in life.

This treatment is suitable for women who are looking to reduce the signs of pigmentation and discolouration.


Prior to the treatment, please visit one of our experienced practitioners to discuss your skin and body concerns. Your treatment plan will be catered to your needs and desires.

A local anaesthetic will be applied to the area to ensure your comfort throughout the treatment.

The laser is applied to the external skin at a comfortable and tolerable heat to help with bleaching, brightening and rejuvenation.

As the laser penetrates into the dermis, collagen and elastin content of the lower layer will increase and tighten. This results in greater integrity of the surrounding tissues that may have been affected by hormonal changes, childbirth or menopause.

You may require a series of treatments, which will be determined at your initial consultation.


In preparation for the treatment, please shave the area being treated to remove any hair. It is important to avoid sun exposure and tanning beds prior to treatment. This will minimise the sensitivity of the skin during the treatment. We also recommend wearing cotton underwear to help circulate the air within the bikini area.


Following the treatment, refrain from rubbing or scratching the area and avoid sexual interactions for 24 hours to minimise irritation. Please avoid using perfumes, scented lotions and harsh chemicals to allow the skin to heal properly.

Does it hurt?

No, the procedure isn’t painful, but it may be slightly uncomfortable.

What can I expect after the treatment?

Post treatment you can expect some discharge for upto a week, it can be clear or slightly pink. You are required to not have sexual intercourse , exercise or swim for 3 days post treatment.

How long before I see results?

You can expect to see a change after the first treatment, however, the best results are seen after the third treatment.

How long do the results last?

The results may last for 18-24 months and maintenance treatments may be required.

Is it safe?

Yes, the treatment is safe. We do require you to have a consultation with our Doctor to ensure the treatment is suitable, plus a pap smear within the last 6 months.

How many do I need?

It is recommended to have three to four treatments 4 weeks apart, with maintenance treatments there after.


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