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Skin Redness (Rosacea) Causes & Treatments

Something that a lot of clients seek treatment for is redness of the skin. Redness can be seen in a...

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Skin Pigmentation Causes & Treatments

Skin Pigmentation Causes & Treatments

Something that we see very commonly in our practice our patients that come to us to look for treatments for pigmentation. So pigmentation is something that's really common. It's common...

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New La Sante Medi Spa location in Granville!

Visit our new second location opening at 62 Railway Parade, Granville NSW 2142. This new location will provide you more access to our services from multiple locations. It is only...

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‘It takes a holistic approach to define your own unique beauty’

Dr. Soliman

‘La Sante makes me feel rejuvenated, refreshed and awakened’

Ashleigh 22