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Leg Vein Treatment Sydney-know your options

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Veins are the blood vessels that carry deoxygenated blood from the body to lungs and hearts. When the vein becomes thick and enlarged, they are referred to as varicose veins or spider veins. Usually, the veins in the thighs and legs become varicose.

The article discusses the top leg vein treatments Sydney

Sclerotherapy: It is the most common leg vein treatment in Sydney wherein a salt solution is injected into the affected vein. The solution causes swelling of veins wall that gradually seal and shut. Once there is no more blood flowing through the veins, it becomes a scar tissue and slowly fades within a few weeks.

You may have to undergo Sclerotherapy more than one time, to successfully reduce the appearance of spider veins. The procedure is not painful and does not require any anesthesia.

Laser treatment

It is the latest leg vein treatment which is prevalent in Sydney. During this process, active laser lights are made to pass through the vein that makes it disappear. The treatment is effective and yields results very quickly. The patient experience painful heat sensation during and after the procedure. The doctors suggest you various cooling methods to combat this feeling.

Endovenous methods

Endovenous method uses a combination of radio frequency and laser technology to get rid of the varicose veins. The procedure involves the use of micro-sized catheter that is placed on the targeted area. The device makes use of laser energy that finally shrinks and seals the vein wall.

Surgical treatment

The surgery seals the veins and removes it from the leg. With the surgical treatment, the doctors can only remove the veins that are near the surface of the skin.

Endoscopic vein surgery

The treatment makes use of a tiny camera that captures the inside of the veins. Small cuts are made to remove the veins. Anesthesia is must perform the surgery. You can return to their routine within a few weeks.

No matter what treatment you select for, the condition may return after a few years. Use graduated compression support socks to prevent re-appearance of the condition. The more you make use of these socks, the longer you can prevent it. After the treatment, the doctors also suggest you the ways to help prevent the varicose veins from appearing again

Call Hills Medi Spa to know the right leg vein treatment for you. Our specialist will evaluate your condition and then refer you the right procedure. For any assistance, feel free to dial us.


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