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Lip Enhancement Castle Hill for thin and undefined lips

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Face is a relevant part of our body. Who so ever we meet, the first they notice is our face. Lips are a dominant feature of our face. Thin, asymmetrical and wrinkled lips are no for everyone. Poorly defined lip also takes a toll on one’s self-confidence. This condition can be improved with Lip Enhancement procedure.

The treatment is widely prevalent in Castle Hill. When in the region, you may find many cosmetic surgeons offering the treatment at highly reasonable prices.

What does it involve?

Lip Enhancement Castle Hill includes the use fillers. These filler contains soft material that is primarily collagen. The filler is injected into the borders to the lips to enhance the contour of the area. A doctor may administer local anesthesia to minimize the discomfort you feel during the therapy. It shows instant results. However, there may be certain restrictions on the movement of the region for a few days.

Lips injections offer an added benefit to those having fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth due to smoking or aging process. These injections make the area tighter, and skin around becomes firm. It also adds volume to the region, hence improving the appearance of thin and undefined lips.

Success rate

This medical care is highly successful. The results are quite a prominent. The treatment makes your facial features look balanced. It boosts your self-confidence. However, the effect of it is also temporary. It is because the injected substance is absorbed by the body. So to maintain the desired look, you must get yourself regular sittings with the medical practitioner.

Lip Enhancement Castle Hill is performed by licensed and reputable doctors. They assess your condition first and then custom-made the best palate to offer you the desired results.

Few more things to know

You may discomfort after the procedure. You have to undergo an allergy test before it to help the doctor choose the right filler.

It takes just half an hour to complete the treatment. There is no need for hospitalization. You can resume your activities the same day. However, you may have to visit the practitioner after a few days for routine check-up.

If you are interested in the treatment, get in touch with us. Hills Medi Spa offer Lip Enhancement procedure in Castle Hill. We have licensed medical practitioners that carry the process in the best manner. The doctor will first meet you to know your expectations and assess your skin. He will also clear all your queries. Meet us today for more information.


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