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Popular Body Contouring Procedures

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Body contouring is a cosmetic surgery procedure that targets to reshape an individual’s physical appearance. For the body contouring procedure, you have to consult a qualified cosmetic surgeon. The surgeon will first assess you and then set the schedule for the surgery. The doctor you appoint should be experienced as the procedures involved in the body contouring are complicated and involves many risks too. The goal of the procedure is to reshape your body. Body contouring techniques include:

Fat Grafting: The procedure is used to add volume and correct the balance within the body. The procedure involves removal of fat cells from the areas like the buttocks and thighs. After this, they are spun in a centrifuge, to remove damaged cells, which are then redistributed into other areas of the body that need volume.

Laser Hair removal: Laser hair removal is an effective way to get rid of unwanted hair. For this procedure, TGA approved devices are used that helps in getting rid of unwanted hair growth ranging from light to dark.

Leg vein treatment: Varicose veins can cause itching, night cramps, aching, pain and discomfort. Endovenous laser ablation technique is used to treat varicose veins. The energy from the laser damages the walls of the veins. The procedure takes approximately an hour to perform, and you can resume to your normal activity the same day.

Liposculpture: The procedure is designed for both men and women. It reduces the number of fat cells in the particular area of the body and brings the body back into shape. Small incisions are made through which a cannula is inserted into the body. Fat is removed out of the body using a suction tube.

Man boobs: It is an extremely common condition that occurs in male due to many different reasons including hormonal imbalance, hereditary conditions or from using certain drugs and steroids. Man boobs can be treated with Lipodissolve and Liposculpture. In both the treatments, fat is removed from the targeted area either by injecting natural substances or via suction tube.

Cellulite Reduction: You get rid of cellulite by using state-of-art Med Contour Ultrasound Cavitation non-invasive technology. It utilizes biocavitation ultrasound and radiofrequency technology to break down unwanted fat deposits and cellulite, giving slimmer body shape and smoother skin.

These methods change the structure of your body by removing all unwanted scars and marks, and fat deposits and make it look more attractive. Body contouring allows individuals to have their bodies sculpted into a pleasing figure. Most of the surgeries named above are safe. Today more and more people are opting for these surgeries as they no longer feel like settling for the natural features they aren’t so fond of. Body contouring can correct all issues in your body.

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