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Re-shape yourself with Laser Lipolysis

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Gone are the days when regular exercise regime and crash diet courses were the only way out to bring your body back in shape. Today with the coming of new cosmetic techniques getting slimmer has become easier. There was a time when people used to spend months to loss their weight but now just with a blink of an eye you can see a new being in yourself.

One of such method is Laser Lipolysis:

It is one of the latest techniques which uses laser light to melt fat and remove it without any downtime of surgery and pain. The heat not only shrinks the overlying skin but also make it appears more firm and smoother.

How it works?

In Laser Lipolysis a small laser fiber is inserted into the unwanted fatty area under the skin which melts the fat deposits which is removed afterwards. At the same time, the laser fiber heats the under surface of the skin causing it to shrink making the skin look smoother and less wrinkled. The procedure is performed under normal anaesthesia.

A patient can feel a normal discomfort while the procedure is being carried out and can return to a normal routine within 24 hours.

Who can undergo the treatment?

·A person should not be more than thirty pounds over their ideal weight and should be in a good health.

·The person should also have maintained a stable weight for more than a year and should have good elasticity in the areas to be treated.


Its price ranges between $2000-$4000 that depends upon the area of treatment.


  • May be conducted in Doctors rooms
  • Virtually no blood loss
  • Fat can be removed evenly
  • Patient can recover within 24 hours of the procedure
  • It causes no loose skin due to heat shrinkage
  • It is suitable for all areas.

If you are interested in getting this procedure done; search for Skin treatment clinics in Sydney online. Make a list of them and pen down their contact numbers. Call them and ask about the cost of the treatment. Visit those who sounded reliable to you.

On meeting them make sure you clear all your doubts. Ask them about the probable side effects of the treatment and complications if any. Also ask them about their license and registration.

If you are satisfied then only fix an appointment with them. Before undergoing the treatment; you can also ask the clinic to give you the list of their patients who have undergone the treatment so that you can call them and ask them about their experience.

Laser Lipolysis Sydney

When in Sydney; you can contact La Sante Medi Spa for undergoing Laser Lipolysis. The treatment is carried out under the supervision of their highly trained and experienced healthcare professionals.


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