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Shape yourself with Laser Body Slimming

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With the technological advancements in the cosmetic industry; it has become easy to bring changes in your body shape without the downtime of surgery. The laser body slimming techniques involves no cuts, blood, pain and any other discomfort related to a surgical procedure. They are walk in walk out processes which can performed within the time span of few minutes or one hour depending on the area one wants to treat.

Laser Lipolysis

It is the latest technology which is also popularly known as Laser Lipo or Smart Lipo. It involves usage of laser light to melt fat while the heat simultaneously shrinks the overlying skin to make it firm and smoother. It is a non invasive body slimming treatment which is painless and have no side effects.

Laser Liposuction can be used to remove the fat from any area of the body. One can lose as much as 3,500millilitres of fat in one sitting.

How does it work?

It uses a small laser fiber which is inserted into the unwanted fatty area under the skin that melts and liquefies the fat deposit. After that this liquid fat is removed. At the same time the laser fiber heats the under surface of the skin causing it to shrink leaving a smoother and less wrinkled contour.

Before the treatment

· An antibiotic is given to the patient an hour before or after

· Targeted areas where the treatment is to be done are marked

· A medical practitioner will give anesthesia by injection or orally to the patient

· Small incision are made on the body

Advantages of the Laser slimming techniques

  • Fat can be removed evenly
  • No blood loss
  • Minimal recovery time
  • No loose skin due to heat shrinkage
  • Even difficult areas can be treated
  • Several areas can be treated at the same time

The treatment is not recommended for people with diabetes, kidney problems, and blood disorders as this may have undesirable effects on them.

To undergo Laser Liposuction find a reliable skin care clinic in Australia. Search for it online. Select the few you think are credible. Pen down their numbers and fix an appointment. On meeting the specialist clear all your queries. Ask them what all the procedure includes and what all your areas need this treatment.

Fix a date according to your convenience and get it done. When in Sydney; you can opt for LaSante Medi Spa. They offer Laser Lipolysis at affordable prices. Their clinic has all latest facilities to make you comfortable during your visit. Call them to take an appointment today.


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