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Tips on How to Have an Enhanced Complexion

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You Can Improve Your Complexion
There are a lot of factors that can damage your skin, some of these are sun’s rays, aging, elements such as chemicals, etc. Good thing there are new techniques that can help you rejuvenate your skin. Some use home remedies and some choose to rely on new and more advanced techniques in removing skin blemishes and have a better complexion.

Tips on How to Have an Enhanced Complexion
There are a lot of types of blemishes and skin imperfections. But nevertheless, these can be prevented and eliminated by using a suitable skin care. If necessary, one also needs to undergo certain procedures like cosmetic and laser.
Before following any skin care regimen, you must first consult with a dermatologist so as not to complicate anything or to prevent something. This regimen should be simple. These are some tips to improve:

  1. Use a gentle cleanser in washing each day.
  2. Apply a moisturiser with a sunblock component. It should have an SPF content of 30 and above.
  3. Utilize an oil- free and non-comedogenic makeup to avoid pores being blocked.
  4. Remember to eat a balanced diet, to sleep and exercise regularly, and maintain a right body weight. An oral antioxidant may also be beneficial.
  5. Use biologically active products, containing ingredients such as alpha (glycolic) or beta hydroxy acid daily.
  6. Apply a retinoid cream or vitamin A derivative nightly.

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