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Skin Pigmentation-Root Cause of the Skin Condition

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If you are suffering from uneven skin tone and discoloration of the skin, then you should look for pigmentation treatments. Before selecting a treatment, you need to look into the root of the problem. We need to know the causes of Skin pigmentation so that we can treat it effectively.

Skin Pigmentation takes longer to treat, so you must not lose your patience. There are many cosmetic products and cosmetic procedures that help them fade, but the treatments show their result after a considerable amount of time.

Although no one knows the exact cause of facial pigmentation. Its causes differ from person to person, but there a few common factors known to cause pigmentation.

Hormonal imbalance

During pregnancy, a woman undergoes a lot of hormonal changes. This facial pigmentation gets cleared without any treatment after the child birth. In women, this skin condition may also be due to consumption of oral contraceptive pills.

Improper methods of face waxing

Many women opt for waxing for their abnormal hair growth on the face. After facial waxing, you must take extra care of your skin. Moreover, if facial hair is not waxed in a proper way it results in pigmentation.

Overexposure to the Sun

Over-exposure to the Sun without the protection of sunscreen accelerates the production of melanin, the primary determinant of skin color in humans. The over production of melanin causes skin pigmentation. This is the reason it is always recommended using effective sun block before going out in the skin. Use SPF 30 sunscreen on your skin every time you go out in the sun.

Sunscreen forms a protective layer around our skin and prevents it from harmful UV rays of the Sun. Also cover all your exposed areas with clothes whenever go out.

Allergy to certain drugs

Some antibiotics like minocycline, tetracycline and doxycycline, are used by many people for acne and other skin treatments. Apart from this, there are a list of antidepressants that may also cause skin pigmentation. Few of them are Imipramine and Chlorpromazine. Prolonged use of these medicines can cause melasma. Drug induced melasma gets easily aggravated by extending skin exposure.

So now you know all the major causes of skin pigmentation, you can always take preventive measures to keep your skin healthy always. Today, there are many laser treatments available to get rid of this problem. These treatments are non invasive and safe to use.

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