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Skin Rejuvenation Procedure for healthier and younger looking skin

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If you are experiencing wrinkles, blotches, fine line and scars on your face because of aging or sun damage, then laser skin rejuvenation is the best treatment for you. It can make your skin healthier and younger.

The procedure involves removing the outer layer of the skin. As the new skin cells form, the surface of the skin becomes tighter and give you younger looking appearance. Skin Rejuvenation can be performed alone or along with other procedures.

Before the procedure, the first thing you need to do is consult a plastic surgeon, to find out whether you are suitable for the treatment of not. Certain medical conditions like fever, blisters and cold sores should be informed to the doctor during the first visit. People with these medical conditions is at risk of experiencing breakouts.

If you decide to have the procedure done, the doctor will advise you to refrain from taking any medication or supplements like Vitamin A, Ibuprofen and Aspirin for at least 10 days before the procedure. This is because these medicines can affect blood clotting. If you smoke, you are recommended to stop smoking two weeks before the treatment as it can delay the recovery process.

The cosmetic surgeon may prescribe you antibiotics before the surgery, to prevent any bacterial infections. If you suffer from cold sores and blisters, then the doctor will recommend you antiviral medicines.

What to expect?

  • It is an outpatient procedure. It is performed by a plastic surgeon in his office. There is no need of hospitalization.
  • The doctor will determine whether there is a need to treat your entire face or he will only treat the wrinkles around your mouth, eyes, and forehead. If he decides to treat the area individually, then the surgeon will numb the area using a local anesthesia, or he may sedate you. If he treats the whole face, then he may give you general anesthesia.
  • It takes around two hours to treat the full face and 30 to 45 minutes to treat small areas of the face.
  • After the treatment, the doctor will bandage the treated areas. You are required to clean the area after 24 hours of the procedure.
  • You may experience swelling after the procedure. This subsides eventually, after few days.
  • The healing process takes 10 to 21 days depending on the treated areas.
  • The procedure improves the appearance of your face, but it is a misconception that it will give you a perfect skin.

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