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Skin Rejuvenation with TCA Chemical Peels

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Regular exposure to the sun and aging leave our skin dull, hydrated, causes fine lines, uneven pigmentation and acnes. Today with the coming of new methods of skin rejuvenating even you can get your normal skin texture back which you used to adore.

Chemical Peels help you to refresh and rejuvenate the skin correcting all the skin problems mentioned above.

What is chemical peel?

It is a body treatment technique used to improve and smoothens the texture of the facial skin by using a chemical solution that causes dead skin to peel off from the skin eventually. The new skin that comes from underneath is less wrinkled than the old skin

Types of chemical peels

  • Alpha hydroxy acid peels
  • Beta hydroxy acid peels
  • Jessner’s Peels
  • Retinoic acid peel
  • Trichloroacetic acid peels (TCA chemical peels)
  • Phenol Peels

Among these the most commonly used is TCA Chemical peel which is a deeper peeling class of acids used for acne, lines, wrinkles, hyper pigmentation and scarring. It is more intensive and gives longer lasting results. TCA peels penetrate the upper layers of the dermis known as epidermis giving a better peeling experience.

Improvements after the treatment

  • It gives smoothness to your skin
  • Improves colour complexion
  • Reduces of blackheads, acne
  • Reduces visibility of pores
  • Lightens of uneven pigmentation

How to locate reliable clinic within your city?

Look for the skin care clinics that offer chemical peeling online or search for them in local directories. Call them and enquire about the peels they are offering. Fix an appointment with those who you think are reliable. Meet them and clear all your queries. If you have allergies to any chemicals; tell this to them.

Ask them about the side effects of the treatment or any precautions you need to take before or after the treatment. Also check the hygiene conditions of the clinic

TCA Chemical Peel treatment Sydney

When in Sydney; you can contact LaSante Medi Spa. They offer a wide range of medical peels tailored to suit individual needs. They have at their disposal Glycolic/Lactic/BHA Peeling Facial, Jessner and TCA Chemical Peels, Jessner Peel, TCA Peel, Green Peel and Deep peel. All their treatments are carried out under the supervision of trained and qualified medical practitioner so that the clients don’t have to face any inconvenience.


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