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What causes cellulite?

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Cellulite is the appearance of dimples in the skin. The skin condition is common among women, and its appearance is most commonly found on buttocks and thighs. The condition is caused by poor elasticity of the skin. It is common among women whose fat cells have grown large to fit in natural skin fiber compartments. Due to which these compartments swell and bulge and even create uneven layers of the fat.

Let’s have a look at its causes:

The Genes

It is a common belief that cellulite affect women who are overweight. However, this is a myth. It has been observed that it affects thin women more. Your genes are a primary determining factor of it. If your mother suffered from this issue, you are more likely to get it as your heredity.


Many doctors believe that it can also be caused by the high level of Estrogen. Apart from this, your unhealthy lifestyle also plays a significant role in making you a victim of this problem. If you eat an unhealthy diet and have issues with bad circulation, then you have high chances of developing it.

Exercise is paramount. Sedentary lifestyle takes us one step closer to such issues. Additionally, stress has adverse effects on your health and body.

Lack of hydration

Hydration helps you keep many skin problems at bay and cellulite is one of them. Smoking is also a common factor that leads to the development of it. So quit tobacco use and make sure you drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.

As far as solutions are concerned, there are many of them. First of all take good care of yourself. Exercise a lot, eat healthy and also keep yourself hydrated.

There are also many cosmetic procedures available these days that can help you combat the problem. The most common of them is Med Contour technology that makes use of Ultrasound Cavitation to reduce the fat and cellulite without any pain and need of surgery.

The technology breaks down the unwanted fat from the body and gives you a slimmer body shape and smoother skin.

Hills Medi Spa offers Cellulite therapies in Sydney. We treat it using latest Ultrasound Cavitation method. To meet us, call us and take an appointment. You can also send us your queries online. Just fill our online form, and we will get back to you in the shortest time possible.


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