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Facebook Live – What is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)?

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what is prp

Watch our Registered Nurses Monica & Tina discuss “What is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)?” We will discuss what it is used for and if it is the right solution for you.

Tina: Hi everyone.

Monica: Hi everyone.

Tina: Hi guys. We have finished up another wonderful day at La Sante Medi spa and I hope that your day has been just as great as ours. For those of you that don’t know, we’re actually located across the river from the Koala Park in West Pennant Hills. So for the thousands of you that are sitting there on Castle Hill Road, in the morning at traffic or on the way home, just next time feel free to drop in and say hi. We’d love to meet you.

We’re really excited about today’s video because-

Monica: Really excited.

Tina: It’s my personal favourite treatment. Is it yours?

Monica: My personal favourite.

Tina: Mon’s personal favourite as well and it’s PRP. I also have it on good authority that it’s Dr. Solimon’s favourite treatment plus the girls here at La Sante. So let’s learn about it.

Monica: Everyone loves it.

Tina: Let’s learn a bit about it.

Monica: So PRP stands for platelet rich plasma and it’s a treatment that’s been made famous by Kim Kardashian a couple of years ago when she adopted the vampire facial. So Dr. Sullivan’s been performing this treatment for about eight or so years in the clinic and loves it. The reason that it’s so wonderful is because we’re taking the platelets, which we all know about the healing factors in the blood, and we’re depositing it exactly where it needs to be to help regenerate collagen and tissue.

It’s been used in sports medicine and orthopaedics for the past 30 odd years and now it has a really great application in cosmetic medicine too.

Tina: Great. So basically what can it be used for? What it does, it can be used for multiple things. First of all, it can build tissue as Mon said, predominantly in the cheeks. As you can see, I’ve been lucky enough to have PRP for a few months now and I’ve been able to build up tissue in my cheeks quite nicely because I wasn’t genetically blessed with my mom’s cheekbones. So that’s worked really well for me. I’ve been able to avoid filler in the cheeks.

The next thing it’s really good at doing is restoring volume loss in people who have lost a lot of weight or people who have just been aging naturally. So that’s really great too.

The next thing it’s used for is for acne scarring and pore size as well delivered in a different way. Also for hair regrowth and restoration for people who have lots a lot of hair or are starting to lose hair. We’ve gotten really good results with that too. The last thing is because it really does restore the life and the glow back into dull looking skin and that’s a result that everybody sees.

Monica: Yeah. So I’m going to tell you guys a little bit about how the process works. So the first step in the PRP treatment is we take a sample of your blood. Hence, the vampire facial. Just like a normal blood test and then we put it in a centrifuge and we separate it into its various components. So I’ll just show you this one sample of Dr. Sullivan’s blood that we took earlier today. So we discard the red part and we just use this liquid here that you see which is all of your beautiful plasma.

Tina: Perfect. So what we do with that beautiful plasma is we can deliver it in three ways. So the first way is our favourite and it’s actually very unique to us because Dr. Sullivan has pioneered it. What we do, if I can borrow Mon’s face, is we can treat the entire mid face using this technique. We make entry points into the skin from here and we can treat up from the nasal labial fold across the cheek as well and from the jawline, depositing the plasma. The next way we do it is coming up from the cheek here and again from this entry point, we treat under the eye, across the cheek and down here too.

So what that does, thank you-

Monica: Doesn’t hurt at all.

Tina: In a really painless way, we’re getting the plasma deeper into the tissue and the collagen starts to build.

Monica: So the second way of using it is in combination with micro needling. So either using a derma pen or a micro roller, we cause controlled injury to the skin. Then we infuse the plasma over the top of that to help heal the injury that we’ve caused. What that does is it helps to promote the production of new collagen and it helps in people who have concerns like acne scarring and people who have open pores as well.

The third way that it’s used is by the use of little needles which we just use to deposit little blips of the PRP throughout the whole face. Although it sounds really painful, we do have a very strong and effective topical aesthetic cream that we use before all the treatments to help just minimize the discomfort.

Tina: So if I can do it, you guys can. That’s for sure. So basically the reason we love it, I know we’re harping on about it, but the reason we love it is because it’s a natural therapy. All we’re doing is we’re taking the best from your blood and injecting it back into your skin and then that’s it. Your blood does the rest and your body does the rest. So we really do recommend that you guys come in and have a chat to us about it. Mon, how often do you do it? I can’t remember.

Monica: So it’s recommended that you have one treatment every four weeks for the first three months. Then after that, we see people generally coming back two or three times a year just to maintain that beautiful collagen that we’re helping to build up.

Tina: Yeah. If you guys want us to go in more detail about it, if that’s possible, come in. Have a chat with us. We’d love to see you all here at La Sante.

Monica: Thanks for tuning in guys.

Tina: Bye.

Monica: Bye.

Tina: Take care.


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