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Winter Skin Care Tips

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Winter Skin Care Tips

1. Victorious Vitamin C

The miracle of vitamin C does not just fight the common cold during winter, it is also an ally in the fight against ageing. Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that helps feed your skin during these cooler months. It works to remove free radical damage, detoxifying the skin and helps in the production of collagen. Our pal, Vitamin C also works to strengthen our capillary walls around the nose to stop them from breaking and causing unsightly redness around the nose. Add this ingredient to your skin regimen this winter and enjoy more youthful skin when summer comes around.

2. Lovely Lips
Don’t forget about your lips this winter. They struggle in the cold and don’t look particularly plump! Prevent them from cracking and breaking by using a thick and hydrating balm. Keep it in your pocket, and use it throughout the day. If you need a helping hand, get a little filler to plump them up. Hyaluronic acid, our best friend, holds up to 10,000 times its weight in water, so lip filler isn’t just for volume, it’s also for hydration.

3. Hit the H20
This one seems obvious and basic, and yet we are all guilty of forgetting! During the cooler months we tend to ditch the water and reach for a warm and comforting cup of joe, but don’t forget that coffee has a dehydrating effect on our skin. So for every cup of energizing coffee, have a hydrating cup of water to replenish your body.

4. Bronze up!
Just because it’s depressingly cold outside doesn’t mean we have to look pale and ghostly. Pay homage to Summer by using a bronzer and regain that summer glow. Use a quality mineral product and your skin will love you for it.

5. Madly Moisturise
Since we are trying to do everything to keep warm, and this often means sitting in front of a heater for hours on end, or cranking it up in the car or office. This constant artificial air is sucking the water out of your skin. Stay warm, by all means, but apply an oil based moisturiser to keep your skin well hydrated and happy.


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