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Chemical Peels

Experience younger looking skin

Chemical Peels increase cell turnover, stimulating new cells to reveal fresher looking skin. They are used to improve the appearance of pigmentation, fine lines, sun damage, congestion and redness. Our medical-grade peels uniquely target one or more of these concerns to leave the skin looking and feeling better. Before any treatments are performed, we ask you to meet with one of our experienced practitioners for a skin consultation to discuss your primary concerns, current skincare routine and desired results.

The Peels Include:

    • Congestion Peel
    • Tone and texture peel
    • Clarifying and brightening peel
    • Complexion Peel
    • Pigment peel
    • Acne Peel


Prior to the treatment, your skin will be cleansed of any makeup, dirt or products on the skin to allow the treatment to absorb deeper into the skin.

The peel will then be applied to the skin by our experienced practitioners and you will be instructed on the best way to remove it.


In preparation for your peel treatment, discontinue the use of retinol cream and avoid sun exposure, tanning or waxing 2 to 3 weeks prior. Our skin practitioners will further advise you on how to best prepare your skin during your one-on-one consultation.


Depending on the peel you had, your skin may become red, flaky and dry after the treatment, we advise you to use a mild cleanser and moisturise for a week your treatment. We recommend avoiding skin care containing active ingredients for 5 days post treatment.

There may be several days of down time depending on which chemical peel you have. This will be advised in detail at your initial consultation.

We recommend wearing SPF and only mineral makeup after a chemical peel, and we also recommend avoiding the sun, exercise and hot showers and other sources of heat for 5 days post treatment.


treatment for chemical peels

treatment for chemical peels

treatment for chemical peels

treatment for chemical peels

treatment for chemical peels

What do they treat?
  1. Congestion
  2. Acne
  3. Skin texture
  4. Fine lines
  5. Pigmentation
  6. Acne Scarring
  7. Skin tone
Are they painful?
  1. Depending on which peel we administer, you may feel a slight stinging sensation but this will subside within a few minutes
Is there any downtime?
  1. Depending on which peel is administered, you may experience mild to moderate peeling which subsides anywhere between 5-10 days after beginning
  2. Mild dryness and flaking of the skin can also be observed after treatment
How many treatments will I need?
  1. Depending on the concern we are treating, you may require anywhere between 1-4 treatments
How soon afterwards can I start using active ingredients in my skin care products?
  1. We recommend waiting at least 5 days after most chemical peels before using active ingredients. More specific information will be given to you during the consultation process
Is this suitable for me if I am prone to allergies or sensitive skin?
  1. Your practitioner will ask you a series of questions to determine whether these chemical peels are suitable for your skin type and condition. This will be discussed further during your consultation

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‘A big thank you for putting the natural glow back into my skin and for making my skin feel and look its best. Charlotte takes the time to give her clients a memorable experience. She is highly professional and creates a soothing, peaceful atmosphere. It’s all the little things she does that makes each visit special. I often walk in feeling stressed and pressured and Charlotte’s calm manner and expert attention make sure I feel quite differently when I leave. Thanks to peels and radiofrequency treatments, my skin is now beautifully soft, my pore size reduced and my skin looks fresher and firmer. Much of the sun damage has now disappeared giving me a more even skin tone…which means I sometimes go without makeup…something I would never do before. Tina provides a lovely, warm and friendly welcome and makes clients feel valued and comfortable. While Monica even replied to one of my emails at 5:48am one morning!! Now that’s service! Thank you so much for the fabulous experience.’

Ros, Cherrybrook