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Hair Removal

Hair removal treatments for all skin types

At La Sante, we offer tailored hair removal laser treatments which will leave your skin feeling smooth. Our safe and effective laser treatment can be used on the face and body safely and effectively.

At our clinic, we use state-of-the-art hair removal laser machines to suit all skin and hair types


Before the treatment takes place, we recommend that you meet for a consultation with Dr Soliman and our experienced practitioners to devise a plan specific to your skin type.

Before the treatment begins, the area being lasered will be cleansed. This will remove any unwanted dirt or residue that may be clogging your pores. Your practitioner will use a handpiece with a highly concentrated wide beam of light (laser) to remove the hair follicles. The laser will penetrate the skin while the hair follicles absorb the light and heat, damaging the hair and preventing future growth.

La Sante uses the latest technology and laser devices which use a combination of universal wavelengths, making the treatment suitable for all skin types.

The laser features a contact cooling mechanism to prevent burns, ensuring a more comfortable experience.


Before the appointment, we ask you to shave the area which is being treated. Waxing or plucking are not advised.

We also recommend that you avoid sun exposure 2 weeks before treatment and refrain from using topical creams, moisturisers or perfumes on the area being treated.


Avoid sun exposure after the treatment as the sensitivity of the skin is heightened after the procedure. It is important to wear SPF30+ before and after treatment.

Avoid the use of exfoliants (Retin-A and Alpha-Hydroxy), loofahs and aggressive scrubbing.

Also avoid swimming in pools or spas as this may cause irritation.

Does it hurt?

No, the system we use is the most comfortable method available.

How many will I need?

Depending on the area, and the individual client, you may need between 4-8 treatments and maintenance treatments may be needed.

Is there down time?

No, after the treatment you can return to your daily routine, however it is recommended to avoid the sun for a week post treatment.


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‘My last proper facial was 15 years ago. I mean I’ve used products here and there but I never stuck to them for long. Being a mother of 6 I really let myself go with my skin and over time the pigmentation on my face increased. I thought ‘oh well, just cover it up with foundation!!’. After visiting La Sante I was amazed at the options and technology that was available to get rid of all sorts of skin problems. The staff was patient and their advice was honest as they explained the step by step process of each treatment. I feel very comfortable and looked after every time I go.’