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Thin Lips

La Sante’s dermal filler treatment restores volume to the lips, leaving the lip tissue firm and plump for a healthy appearance.

Genetics play a major role in determining our facial features, meaning there’s a great deal in variability in lip size and shape. However, there are a number of other factors such as aging, sun damage and lifestyle factors that contribute to thinner lips. While reduced lip definition and volume are natural signs of aging, exposure to the sun and other causes of dehydration can accelerate the thinning process.


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At La Sante, our Dermal Fillers restore volume and add shape to thin lips. The treatment aims to provide natural looking results by enhancing the fullness and smoothness of the lips and retaining the skin’s moisture for a youthful appearance.

‘My last proper facial was 15 years ago. I mean I’ve used products here and there but I never stuck to them for long. Being a mother of 6 I really let myself go with my skin and over time the pigmentation on my face increased. I thought ‘oh well, just cover it up with foundation!!’. After visiting La Sante I was amazed at the options and technology that was available to get rid of all sorts of skin problems. The staff was patient and their advice was honest as they explained the step by step process of each treatment. I feel very comfortable and looked after every time I go.’