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Loss of Skin Elasticity

La Sante’s innovative treatments are designed to provide a subtle lift to the face, neck or jowl for natural looking results.

Jowls are excess or saggy skin that appears on the neck, just below the jawline and chin. Several factors including hereditary, stress and lifestyle habits can cause more pronounced jowls at almost any age. However, the leading cause of jowls and saggy skin is aging. As skin begins to age, it loses some of the compounds that help keep its shape, such as elastin and collagen. As the skin becomes less resilient and loses its elasticity, it becomes more vulnerable to gravity and slowly begins to sag.


Our Treatments

Treatment Option

La Sante’s Dermal fillers, Laser Genesis, Body Contouring and Thread Lift treatment are  non-invasive procedures that provides a subtle lift to the face, neck and jowl, delivering a more youthful and defined profile. These treatments aims to reduce the signs of aging and provide effective, long-lasting results without the need to commit to a surgical facelift.

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