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Uneven Skin Texture

La Sante offers medical-grade treatments that accelerate collagen regrowth to improve uneven skin texture and tone.

Uneven skin texture is a common result of dead skin cells that build up on the surface of the skin. This common skin concern is often caused by minimal exfoliation or a lack of moisturisation. However, the environment, dirt, chemicals, pollution and sun exposure can also play a role in stripping the skin of its natural collagen and elasticity, causing uneven skin texture. Other common causes include acne and facial scarring.


Our Treatments

Treatment Option

La Sante offers a number of in-clinic treatments to improve the appearance of uneven skin tone. Our Chemical Peels gently moisturise the face, leaving you with smooth and elegant skin. We also stock a range of high-quality creams, scrubs and serums to speed up the cell turnover rate and improve skin texture and tone. We offer Skin Needling, Laser Genesis and Laser Skin Resurfacing for the treatment of uneven skin texture.

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