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Pore Reduction

La Sante’s innovative treatments are designed to target large pores and rid the skin of impurities to nourish and rejuvenate the skin.

Skin pores are tiny openings in the skin that function to release perspiration and sebum to cool and condition the body. These pores can become enlarged for a number of reasons including excess oil production. This typically occurs on the nose, forehead and chin areas (the T-Zone). Whilst these are the most common areas for enlarged pores, they can occur anywhere on the body. People with oily skin are generally at risk as they have more oil producing sebaceous glands. The more sebum that’s produced, the larger the pores become. Other common causes include aging and genetics.


Our Treatments

‘Dr. Soliman and his descendants Tina and Monica are all brilliant, they offer the best solutions and advise which deliver results. Charlotte and Isabelle are highly professional and take the utmost care when performing treatments for their clientele. I have been visiting Le Sante Spa for over a year now and have been extremely happy with the service and treatments I have received here.’