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Leg Veins

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A treatment designed to eliminate unwanted Leg Veins.

Leg Veins treatment reduces the appearance of veins which may be causing discolouration of the skin.


Leg Veins treatment or ‘Sclerotherapy’ is a common procedure used to treat small yet unsightly clusters of red, blue or purple veins that most commonly appear on the thighs, calves and ankles. This treatment helps to improve the symptoms associated with varicose and spider veins, such as aching, burning and swelling.

Sclerotherapy is administered by injecting the sclerosing solution directly into the veins, causing them to collapse and fade. The medication is injected through a very fine needle which irritates the lining of the blood vessels, causing the blood to clot and turn into scar tissue. Over time, this scar tissue fades and discolouration is reduced, improving skin texture and tone.

Sclerotherapy treatment can take as little as 15 – 30 minutes. You may experience a slight burning sensation or cramping after the sclerosant is injected, however, this should only last a minute or two. A series of treatments may be required, depending on the severity of your condition. A treatment plan will be tailored to your concerns during our complimentary consultation.


In preparation for your Leg Veins treatment, do not apply moisturiser, sunscreen or oil to your legs on the day of the procedure. Avoid Vitamin-E, aspirin, ibuprofen and other anti-inflammatory medications for 48 – 72 hours before treatment. Consider wearing comfortable shorts during treatment and bring loose-fitting pants or a long skirt to wear home. Our trusted professionals will advise you on how to best prepare your skin during your one-on-one consultation.


Compression tape will be applied during and after the procedure. Tight-fitting support hose may also be prescribed to guard against blood clots and to promote healing. It is normal to experience cramping in the legs for 24 – 48 hours post-treatment. This temporary problem usually doesn’t require medication.

It is important to walk to prevent blood clots from forming in the deep veins of the legs. Prolonged sitting and standing should be avoided, as should heavy weight lifting and strenuous physical activity for 3 days after the treatment.


Leg veins

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Does it hurt?

The procedure may be uncomfortable for some patients, and some report a stinging sensation from the fluid being injected but does not last more than a few seconds.

Is there down time?

You may expect some bruises on the treated area and possibly some stinging post treatment.

How long does the treatment take?

Each session can take between 15-25 minutes.

How soon after the treatment can I expect to see the results?

The results can be seen with 2-3 weeks after the treatment.

How long with the results last?

The veins that are successfully treated are permanently removed and will not reappear. However, you may require maintenance treatments to remove new veins that have appeared.

What should I expect post treatment?

You may experience some stinging in the legs after treatments, which will resolve. Also, some clients can see some skin discoloration in the treated area, that will resolve in time. Most clients will be required to wear compression stockings post treatment. The treatments should be had every 2 weeks and you may need between 4-8 treatments depending on severity, and possible maintenance treatments thereafter.


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