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Q-Switch Laser

A treatment for a refined skin tone and flawless complexion.

Q-Switch laser treatment clears the skin from blemishes, scarring and pigmentation, encouraging even texture and tone.


The Q-Switch laser treatment works by safely targeting pigmentation and breaking down the particles which are then naturally cleared away by the body’s immune system.

Through a combination of high power and nanosecond pulses, the Q-Switch laser gently heats the dermal layers of the skin and stimulates collagen fibres to create a photomechanical effect.

This non-invasive treatment works to improve overall skin texture, reducing the appearance of melasma, pigmentation, blemishes and acne scarring. Q-Switch is also a safe and effective treatment for vaginal brightening, lightening the labia and surrounding areas. Additionally, it can be used to remove tattoos in which the laser energy is absorbed by the pigment, and the ink particles are shattered and cleared from the body. Q-Switch laser is a safe and effective treatment offering multiple settings suited to uniquely treat superficial and deeper skin concerns.

While you may notice an instant improvement in your skin tone, results are best seen between 4 to 6 treatments. To maximise these results, we recommend discussing your skin concerns and goals for this treatment in your initial consultation with your skin practitioner.

Our professional laser therapists are experienced in treating tattoos, as well as dermal and epidermal pigmentation on different skin types.


In preparation for your Q-Switch laser treatment you should avoid other skin procedures, tanning or waxing for 2 to 3 weeks prior. On the day, arrive with a clean face, washed with a soap-free cleanser. We also recommend that you refrain from using Vitamin A serums or creams 5 days prior to your treatment.


While you should avoid sun exposure and heat for 3 days post-treatment, you should still apply sunscreen and keep your face moisturised. Steer clear of products that may contain active ingredients and any makeup that may irritate your skin. Be sure to check with your skin practitioner and discuss aftercare for your individual skin.

Q-Switch treatment in face before and after

Q-Switch treatment in face before and after

Q-Switch treatment in face before and after

Q-Switch treatment in face before and after

Q-Switch treatment in face before and after

What does q-switch treat?
  1. Pigmentation e.g. sun spots, brown spots, melasma, birthmarks
  2. Acne scarring
  3. Tattoo removal
  4. Lax or sagging skin
Is the treatment painful?
  1. Depending on the treatment being performed, you should expect to feel a hot flicking sensation against your skin. The heat can remain in your skin for a few hours after the treatment
Is there any down time?
  1. You can expect to be pink or red in the face for up to a few hours after the treatment, but this should subside and you can apply makeup 2 hours after treatment
What is the aftercare with this treatment?
  1. You have to protect your skin from the sun by wearing an SPF 50 and protective clothing for 48 hours afterwards
  2. You should be careful of anything that can re-introduce heat to your skin such as a hot shower, cooking over a hot stove or exercising for 48 hours afterwards.
How many treatments will I need?
  1. It depends on which concern we are treating with this laser, but you should expect to have at least 4-6 treatments.
How often can I have the treatment?
  1. You can have it as often as every 2-4 weeks
How long does this treatment take?
  1. You can expect it to take roughly 30 minutes

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