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Pigmentation / Skin Discolouration

La Sante’s pigmentation and skin discolouration treatments encourage even skin tone and a smoother skin complexion.

Pigmentation is the presence of excess melanin in the skin, causing brown patches, freckles, age spots and birthmarks on the skin’s surface. It is a common problem that can leave your skin looking dull and uneven. People of any skin type or tone can suffer from a number of skin pigmentation issues that cause discolouration. While some of these issues are genetic and hormonal, others can be caused by environmental factors such as UV exposure. Tanning booths and long-term use of harsh skin cleansers or brighteners can also lead to pigmentation and skin discolouration.


Our Treatments

Treatment Option

At La Sante, we offer a number of treatment options for skin pigmentation and discolouration. Our medical-grade Q-Switch, Skin Resurfacing and IPixel Laser treatments and Chemical Peels target skin blemishes, discolouration and pigmentation. Our treatments, administered by Dr. Soliman and our team of experienced practitioners, can help you achieve an even skin tone and a smoother skin complexion.

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