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Cellulite Treatment Sydney- a peek in the causes and available treatments

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Cellulite is the excess fat that accumulates on particular areas of the body, on the thighs, hips, abdomen and bottom. It looks like an orange peel placed under the epidermis making the skin appear bumpy.

What causes cellulite?

Cellulite has nothing to do with weight. It is the fat deposited under our skin that gives the skin cottage cheese like appearance. It is not caused by gaining weight, but by the fat cells that squeeze their way through connective tissue. It is also believed to be caused by high levels of estrogen. However, studies reveal there are many factors behind this problem. A few important ones are:

It is in your genes

Studies reveal that around 85% of female experience cellulite as their family members had the same problem once in their life span.

No physical activity

Workout is imperative. Those who do not exercise are more prone to this problem. Running, hiking, and climbing stairs can help you keep this fat layer at bay. Focus on those parts of the body that are more prone to fat deposits.

Poor eating habits

Spicy food, caffeinated beverages and alcoholic drink…..all these things are connected to cellulite. When you consume foods having high content of calories, the body loses its capacity to flush out the toxic substances, so they are retained in the fatty tissue. So you must drink eight glasses of water every day to remove toxins from your body.


Smoking damages the skin. It hampers the blood circulation and harm the tissues in the skin.

Cellulite Removal

Removing cellulite is neither fast nor easy. With proper diet and exercise however you can reduce the cottage cheese appearance of the skin. You will also find loads of creams and wraps that guarantee the results. Make sure you consult a doctor before using any of the creams.

Cellulite Treatment Sydney

Women who are dealing with excessive cellulite can opt for cosmetic procedures. These methods eliminate the fat deposits using a safe biocavitation ultrasound and radiofrequency technology. It breaks down the cellulite resulting in a slimmer body and smooth skin.

The procedure takes around 1-1.5 hours to complete. Only one treatment area per week is advised. Get proper sleep, drink plenty of water after the procedure. You must have to follow a strict diet for three days after the procedure. The results are long lasting as long you maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.

For Cellulite treatment Sydney, contact Hill Medi spa. We are a reputable medical skin care specialist. We use state-of-the-art Med Contour Ultrasound Cavitation non-invasive technology to get rid of this issue. For more details on Cellulite Treatment Sydney, do not hesitate to call us.


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