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Facial Capillaries- Causes and Treatments

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Capillaries are the smallest blood vessels in your body that connect arteries to veins. Capillaries usually break down when they narrow or widen too quickly. This causes thin capillaries walls to tear, and blood to seep out, giving the skin the appearance of thin red and purple lines. These lines are not painful, but do not look good in appearance.


There are a number of reasons that cause broken capillaries including genetics, sun exposure, pregnancy, and stress. Apart from these reasons, there are also other multiple potential causes of broken capillaries in face including:

Rosacea: It is a skin disorder that causes redness, and bumps on the face. Few studies indicate that this skin disorder is caused by a protein called Cathelicidin. This causes an inflammatory response of the skin and can affect the capillaries.

Liver Disease: Spider veins can be caused from liver disease. These are also seen during or after pregnancy without any relation to liver disease.

Ataxia-Telangiectasia: This is caused by a rare genetic disorder. People suffering from this may have difficulty with balance and may develop telangiectasia on the face and in the eyes.


Laser treatment is an effective way to treat broken capillaries. In this treatment Laser Light energy is concentrated on the targeted vein. The energy from the laser is transferred to vein which is absorbed by the blood vessels. This cause vessel to clog, and let the body absorb it. This eliminates the appearance of broken capillaries.

How long the treatment takes?

Your broken capillaries will be treated in just 15 minutes, but it depends upon the severity of the case.

Broken Facial Capillaries treatment in Sydney

Look for skin care clinics on internet. You can also search for them in local directories. Make a list of top five searches along with their contact numbers and e-mail addresses. You can call them or send them your query via mail. Meanwhile, you can read about the treatments available in Sydney, or can take suggestions from your friends. Research well before you makes an appointment with any of the clinics. You should know everything about the treatment.

Meet the specialist and let him analyze your skin. Ask him for the suggestions other than the laser treatment. In few cases, facial capillaries can be treated using some home remedies.


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