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Give life to your lips with Lip Enhancement in Sydney.

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Full lips symbolize youth and beauty. Nobody wants to have thin, undefined, wrinkled and asymmetric lips. But with the coming of new technologies in cosmetic industry there is no need for you to stay with this condition anymore. The newest is in line is Lip Augmentation.

Lip augmentation: Also popularly known as Lip enhancement it is a type of cosmetic surgery or non-surgical procedure to improve the appearance of lips by increasing their fullness.

Techniques: Here are the few popular procedures used for lip augmentation.

Fat Transfer: In this fat from the other parts of the body is removed through liposuction or excision and is injected or surgically placed into the lips. This is the best method for permanent lip enhancement.

A non-animal clear gel which is injected to define the lips.

Cosmetic injectables are used around the edges the lips to remove fine lines and wrinkles.

How much time does it takes for the treatment?

It takes around 30 minutes for a Lip enhancement procedure to be done. But if you for a surgical one that may take longer.

Are there any side effects of the above mentioned treatments?

Side effects vary from person to person but common reactions are redness, swelling or itching at the injection site which is temporary. But those opting for Collagen fillers are recommended to undergo a test before the treatment to avoid unwanted complications.

With so many options at your disposal; you can select one and can enhance the looks of your lips. To do that first you have search for the skin treatments clinic in Sydney. It is not that tough. Just Google it and go through their websites. Pen down their contact number and fix an appointment.

Ask them about the treatment in detail, its charges and what precautions you need to take before and after the treatment. Also check the hygiene condition of the clinic. This is really important. When it comes to skin care always find a licensed clinic after all this is the matter of your skin and don’t want it to get spoiled because of a hasty decision.

Lip Enhancement Sydney

When in Sydney opt for LaSante Medi Spa for all your skin problems and best lip enhancement in Sydney They offer latest advancements in cosmetic and laser procedures which are administered under the supervision of a licensed healthcare professional. Their treatment for lip enhancement Sydney is quite effective at affordable rates.


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