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Jessner and TCA Chemical Peels-things to know

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Chemical peel has been a very popular cosmetic procedure since hundreds of years. Previously Egyptians, Romans and Greeks used the method to achieve a smoother and younger looking skin. In modern times, the treatment is devised to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, scarring, dark spots, sun damage and also pigmentation. It is a solution that contains some form of acid which is applied to the face that in turn removes the damaged and discoloured top layer of the skin.

The process includes the application of the solution to the dermis that breaks down the outer dead layer of it and helps it to regenerate. Prior the procedure, your face is cleansed, and the solution is carefully used. Within a few minutes, you feel a warm sensation on the derm that last for just a few minutes.

It is applicable on neck, chest and back. These peels come with different strengths of chemical solutions. The selection largely depends on the derm type and imperfection to deal with. The article will discuss Jessner and TCA chemical peels.

Jessner and TCA Chemical Peels

TCA peel contains trichloracetic acid that works better on the deep wrinkles and also more severe form of pigmentation issues. It is a preferred choice for the women with darker skin. Jessner’s peel works well on post acne hyperpigmentation and sun damage. It includes the combination of Lactic acid, resorcinol and Salicylic acid that improves the appearance of the skin to a larger extent. These encourage epidermal exfoliation and re-growth while removing the sun-damaged layer of the cuticle. It can also remove lesions, fine lines and brown spots. These are effective and have less recovery time. They are safe to use. The healing time varies from five to ten days.


The improvements depend on the severity of the dermis condition and number of treatments. However, your epidermis feels fresh and smooth. You will also observe changes in your complexion and reduction in acne scars, pores, blackheads, uneven pigmentation.

Healing and recovery

The derma reacts as if sunburned after the procedure. It may turn red. It usually stops within a week. You can start normal activities after 10-14 days. The new layer will be sensitive to sunlight for around six to eight weeks. Protect the new skin using sunscreens and hats.

For more information on Jessner and TCA Chemical Peels, call Hills Medi spa for an appointment.


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