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Maintaining apt weight is very important to stay fit and healthy in the longer run of life. With the coming of new weight loss methods; getting back into shape has become easier. One of such new method is HCG Diet. But before this; one has to consult a weight loss doctor for proper guidance.

Before seeing what HCG Diet do one has to understand about Human chronic gonadotropin.

Commonly known as HCG; it is a hormone produced during a women’s pregnancy to protect and supplement the fetus nutritional needs. It uses mother’s stored fats converting them to nutrition for the placenta which in turn releases fat in the bloodstream forming energy to be utilized by mother’s body.

How HCG helps in losing weight?

In the context of medicine weight loss is the reduction of the total body mass so this HCG hormone is when combined with a controlled calorie diet help the body in losing its body mass. The HCG diet aims at stored fat reserves and removes any craving for food thus in a way helps the patient set an ideal weight for him or her.

The common areas that can lose fat using this diet are hips and abdomen.

How long the treatment does takes to show its effects?

It may take 3 to 6 weeks the diet to show its effect depending upon how much weight one wants to lose. A person may lose 400g per day while following this diet.

This is one of the convenient methods to lose weight. All you have to do search for a reliable weight loss clinic in your city. You can search for them online. Select the few you feel are closer to your place and seems genuine. Pen down their contact numbers and call them to fix an appointment.

Visit the clinic personally and meet their medical practitioner under whom all such treatments are carried out. Ask him all your queries and take his suggestion. Pay proper attention to all his instructions. If you miss something ask him again; don’t hesitate.

Also ask them about their registration number and license to avoid any frauds. If satisfied take an appointment for the treatment. You can even take suggestion from two to three clinics before deciding upon one.

Weight Loss Doctor Sydney

If you are looking for a reliable source for this treatment; then your search ends at LaSante Medi Spa. They offer ACP HCG Diet under the supervision of an experienced medical practitioner. Their diet kit includes
• A vial of HCG
• Syringes and medicated swabs
• A proprietary blend of dietary supplements
• Multi-flora probiotics
• Digestive enzymes
• ACP HCG Diet manual

Call them to make an appointment


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