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Limelight facial- procedure, advantages and recovery

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The first thing other notice about us is our face. Face is the focal point of our interactions. Skin abnormalities like redness, scarring, acne, brown spots make us feel self conscious. The Limelight Facial can be the solution to your this problem. It is a new, minimally-invasive approach to skin rejuvenation, using intense pulsed light (IPL), to improve the skin tone and surface imperfections associated with aging and sun damage.

Limelight Facial treat diffuse redness, dyschromia, telangiectasis, solar lentigines and resource with precision and less time. It is ideal for patients with fair to medium skin types. It has three customizable programs that target and treat brown and red pigmented areas using heat.

Benefits of the treatment

  • It reduces the redness of skin
  • Reduces tiny veins on the face known as telangiectasis
  • Reduction of brown spots
    It improves the overall skin tone
  • Reduces the pore size

The treatment is performed in a series of one to three sessions that are spaced approximately four to six weeks apart from one another. The spacing depends upon the problems to be treated and your skin type. For better results, Limelight facial is also combined with Microdermabrasion. After the completion of treatment, you are suggested to follow up as required. It is just takes 30 to 45 minutes for the treatment to take place.

Prior to the procedure, the cosmetic surgeon cleanses your face and neck and applies a cooling gel. For 10 minutes, you are given a customized spa treatment and after this laser procedure starts which takes 30 minutes.

You may feel a mild pinching and stinging sensation. The cosmetic surgeon may recommend you a gel to cool the skin. You will also be given light blocking Eyewear for the duration of the laser treatment. You may feel like sunburned after the procedure. The sensation subsides within 24 to 48 hours. Improvement can be seen within one to three weeks.

Ideal candidates

Ideal candidates for the procedure are those having telangiectasia, (tiny veins) redness, and dark spots. The procedure is not recommended for pregnant ladies or lactating women. The laser cannot treat over the areas with tattoos.


  • You can resume your work on the same day of the treatment. There may be some swelling on the face that can be covered with applying makeup.
  • Brown spots start to darken, and your skin might appear slightly red.
  • Swelling subsides with 48 hours.

If you are considering this treatment, call us for an appointment.


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