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Microdermabrasion- for healthy and younger looking skin

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If you are looking for a procedure, to treat your dull, damaged and dry skin, Microdermabrasion is an ideal procedure. The procedure uses a mechanical medium to exfoliate your skin, to remove the outermost layer of dead skin cells from the epidermis. The treatment has been proved beneficial in removing wrinkles, blackheads and acne scars, leaving behind the smooth and glowing skin. Microdermabrasion uses an effective technique to achieve desired results. The advantage of the procedure is that it does not damage your skin in any way.

The procedure involves the application of a crystalline-like substance on the skin and uses a machine based suction to lift up the dead skin. It results in the removal of fine dead cells of the skin and new, smooth and younger looking skin comes up. The treatment is simple, easy and painless. No needles and anesthesia are used during the treatment. The suction used is adjusted as per to skin’s sensitivity and tolerance.

A session may last for 5 to 60 minutes. There is no recovery time required after this procedure. You can resume your daily tasks immediately after the session. In order to attain the best results, medical practitioners advise you to go for multiple sessions.

Benefits of treatment

  • The treatment facilitates in getting healthy and smooth skin
  • It also reduces the pore sizes and slows the aging effect
  • Improves rough complexion and pigmentation
  • It removes blemishes
  • No medication is required
  • No incision

After the treatment, creams and lotions provide better results as they are able to penetrate in the skin in an effective way. After the procedure, you may experience minor skin sensitivity. This subsidizes after some time. Doctors also suggest you to avoid irritating products like glycolic acids, Alpha Hydroxy Acids, fragrance products, fragrances creams and lotions. If you are interested in the procedure consult a skin care specialist in your area. Always consult two to three doctors and select the one with experience, qualification and reputation in the field.


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