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Non Surgical Wrinkle Removal Treatments

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Everybody wants to look young forever. This is the reason many people opt to remove wrinkles, but without undergoing any surgery. If you are one of those who are scared to undergo surgical procedures, then you have the option to have your wrinkles removed non surgically.

Here are the few options available

Muscle Relaxants
The procedure involves injecting of muscle relaxant into the targeted area which makes the wrinkles look smooth. The procedure is quick, and it takes just 15 minutes to perform it. You can observe the changes right after the procedure.

The final outcome is visible after ten days of performing the procedure. The effect last for around six months. The cosmetic surgeon will advise you to follow up the procedure after every four to six months.

Dermal Fillers
Dermal fillers are injected into the affected area using thin, fine needles. The fillers are used to fill and plump up the wrinkled skin, causing it to smooth out, and reduces the appearance of frown lines, crow’s feet and lip lines. The procedure takes 30 minutes to complete. The patient can resume to their activities right after it.

You are suggested to avoid oil based makeup for the initial days after the procedure. The effect of dermal fillers lasts for six months. Follow up the treatment after six to twelve months, to maintain a young looking skin.

Chemical Peels
In the procedure, a chemical called TCA is applied to the skin that removes the dead skin and gives way to the younger, less wrinkled and smooth looking skin. Make sure you choose an experienced doctor to perform the procedure as the peel may excessively burn the skin if not applied properly. It takes approximately 40 minutes to complete the treatment. It is followed up by a five to seven days of blanching.

The doctor will assess your skin before performing the procedure. He will also tell you about its risks and benefits. Some patients may experience redness, infection, change in skin pigmentation and scarring after the procedure.

Laser Treatments
Laser treatments help tighten and rejuvenate the skin. The procedure stimulates the growth of collagen and improves elasticity of the skin that in turn reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is also an outpatient procedure and usually lasts for 30 minutes.

Here are non-surgical treatments available for reducing the appearance of wrinkles. For more information, contact us.


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