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Quick glance at Spider Vein Treatment

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Spider vein

Spider vein also known as Telangiectasias is a medical problem in which the patient suffers from red colored visible veins on ankle, foot, and leg. Till date, no definite cause has been detected the problem. However, it has been observed that heredity is one of the primary triggers behind the issue. Spider veins are not painful, but the appearance of red spots looks unpleasant on the leg.

The disorder is progressive in nature and the appearance of the spots increase in the number as your age ascends.

Treatment options


During the procedure, sclerosing agent is injected into the affected area that makes the vessels less visible. Doctors prefer using saline solutions instead of chemical based solutions. The injection stings a bit initially. However, the treatment is quite popular but also has some side effects like staining, shadowing and temporary ulceration.

Laser therapy

These are best to be treated using laser therapy. It is minimally invasive procedure that treats varicose veins. The laser energy damages the walls of the veins and closes the refluxing one. It just takes an hour to perform it.

Lifestyle changes

Keeping your skin clean, maintaining proper weight and regular practice of brisk walking can help you keep this issue at bay. However, these remedies do not bring immediate relief but they are beneficial, in the long run.

Support stockings

Wearing support stockings can bring temporary relief from the discomfort. The stockings are readily available in leading pharmacies. These are available in three variables that are above the knee, below the knee and in pantyhose styles.

Surgical treatment

These include ligation and stripping process. It took place under local and general anesthesia effect.

Some important considerations

  • You may be asked to wear heavy-duty support stockings to help treat the condition fast.
  • Also, avoid direct sunlight after the procedure.
  • Bruising may occur initially.

If you are thinking of undergoing a treatment for the problem, get in touch with the skin care specialist. Ensure your doctor is of high repute and expert in carrying the procedure.

Leg veins are a common problem that affects approximately 50% of people aged between 30-70. So if you are one of them, contact Hills Medi Spa. We are a medical skincare clinic and day spa in Sydney specializing in offering specialized services and advanced equipment for catering to your skin needs. Call us for an appointment or email us your queries.


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