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Skin care regime for a glowing and young you

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Skin is the outer covering of the body and the largest organ of the integumentary system. The epidermis gets exposed to various severe conditions on a regular basis. It also underwent many changes as we age. It becomes wrinkled and loses its charm and soothe with time. So make sure that the external surface is nourished and well-taken care of.

Let’s see the factors that brought change to our skin:

Internal factors

Elastin is a protein present in connective tissues that allow many tissues in the body to resume their shape. The optimum production of elastin helps in keeping the surface of the skin supple. The natural element replenishes with time that bring about many changes to the exterior. Our skin loses its radiance and elasticity due to its less production.

External factors

Climatic conditions have undergone a sea change over the years. The harmful pollutants in the atmosphere damage the outer layer of our body. Lack of physical activity, lifestyle changes, and smoking can erode the surface texture extremely. Radiating UV rays from the Sun leaves our exterior look dull.

Taking care of your skin


While it may sound a little weird, but it is true. The surface gets benefitted from regular workout regime. It helps in expelling toxins accumulated within our system. Exercising twice or thrice a week can help you achieve a glowing and healthy skin.


However, excessive splashing of water on the facial steals the natural elements from the top layer. It is suggested to wash your face only twice a day.

Safeguard yourself from the Sun

The rays of the Sun can affect the epidermis. The radiations penetrate deep into the external surface and causes blemishes. Refrain going out in between 10:00am to 4:00pm as the Sun’s rays are the highest in intensity during this time. Always carry an umbrella, or shades with you when going out. Wear a suitable sunscreen for adequate protection.

Medical skin care treatments

There are several anti aging procedures available in the market. The popular ones include:

  • Microdermabrasion
  • Chemical peeling
  • Dermal fillers

Procedures are also available for the rough texture, skin rejuvenation, red skin, acne scarring and lot more.

Also, develop a habit of eating healthy. Healthy diet can do wonders for your skin. Lead a stress-free life.

Hills Medi Spa is a reputable skin care clinic in Sydney that offer major anti-aging skin treatments to help you look young again. Contact us for an appointment with our experienced and knowledgeable medical practitioner Dr. Adel Soliman.


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