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Smoker Lips- Causes and Cosmetic Procedures

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Lip wrinkles are one sign of aging that no one wants. Wrinkles on upper lips are known as Smoker’s Lines. As the name suggests, smokers lips are not only caused by smoking alone, but may also appear due to frequent movements of the lips while drinking, talking and frowning among others.

Why smoking cause wrinkles?

Smoking causes blood vessels to narrow and restrict the flow of blood to the skin surface. Due to this top layer of your skin do not receive the essential nutrients and oxygen that are required to keep up elasticity in the skin. Lack of elasticity in the area causes wrinkles.

Cosmetic procedures

Cosmetic procedures like dermal fillers, laser genesis, and skin needling can help you get rid of wrinkles on upper lips.

Dermal fillers: These are substances which are injected into the dermis, to correct the imperfections of the skin like wrinkles and scars. Dermal fillers are also used to add volume to the face, cheek and lips. They also help people get rid of signs of aging.

Cosmetic injections are the most popular fillers used these days. They help you get rid of wrinkles, and in turn makes your skin look smooth and young. Anti-wrinkle injections are mainly used for adding volume to cheeks and lips.

Skin needling: It is a less invasive procedure and involves short recovery time. The procedure is used for correcting flaws in your skin like scars from injuries, wrinkles and aging skin, by stimulating the growth of collagen in the body.

Prior to the treatment, the doctor cleanses your skin and apply a cream to the area to be treated. Doctor administers local anesthesia in the area to make sure you feel no discomfort while the procedure is being performed. A needle roller is rolled over the skin several times, creating a tiny puncture wound. This stimulates the growth of collagen.

Laser Genesis: It is a skin care technique that uses non-invasive lasers to remove the wrinkles from the skin. During the procedure, gentle heat is provided below the upper layers of your skin. This stimulates the collagen formation and heals the skin.

The procedure involves the use of a hand-held applicator held half an inch away from your skin.

Consult a reputable and experienced cosmetic surgeon for correcting imperfections in your skin. The doctor evaluates your skin and then suggest you a treatment. Sometime two treatments are combined to give you the best results. For more information on Smoker’s Lip treatment, contact us.


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